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About Us

'About us' right now means 'about me'. I'm a German conservator for books and paper and you can find my profile here on this site among others. I thought about this project for a long time, but never started on it until 2014. I always missed a free, international platform in the internet where most information about what concerns us is gathered. So I started thinking and planning and ended up with the menu you can see above. I do hope that many conservators agree with me about that. But I also got a few more ideas which might come true in future.

'About us' will hopefully come true one day. I do hope that some people will join me and help me to bring forward this project. For instance, I only speak German, English and Spanish. I'm not at all fluent in French and Italian. So please, be kind with me concerning these languages and forgive me using google-translate in the beginning. If this is working out well, there might be even more languages. Who knows? Anyway I appreciate any help. If you would like to support this project financially, simply become a Premium member!

I actually see this site more like a starting point from where you get first information, links, ideas as maybe one day we will have joined all the bits and peaces scattered around in the internet, hidden away in libraries and sunk in heads. Naturally you can represent your own business, write articles in the blog or as well you could use it to introduce a question you might have. Others could respond in the comments below. You can find a job here, you can sell something or find something useful. There are lots of possibilities.

Of course, you can contact me on any matter concerning this site. Just write an e-mail to info@conservable.net. Also have a look at the FAQ-page!

I wish you all a lot of fun on Conservable.net!

Sif Dagmar Dornheim

Conservable Network is a project by konservierungspartner.de

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